Green San Francisco: Evaluating K-Designers

The first thing an East-coaster notices when landing in the West, well in San Francisco, is how environmentally aware everyone seems to be.  Not just the people and the food, but the buildings have something called LEED standards to comply with.

I think one of the things America needs is building assesments and overhauls so that they are remodeled to comply with greener standards. I am perplexed at the fact that hundreds of flourescent lights in empty offices or even unfinished corporate buildings are left turned-ON night after night, when no one needs them.  This is not just a horrible waste, but horrible laziness.

How would your average remodeling company, take for instance K-Designers, a 30-year old business rebuild itself as green?  How would one check to see if  it is compliant with good environmental standards?

If I were to check to see if K-Designers was environmentally certified, I would have to ask the following questions:

1.  Is the company listed under a Green Certification Board?

Click on,

National Green Pages

2. Does it have Green Building Credentials, LEED Credentials or a Green Building Professional


Click on,

Membership Page Type in name of company, ex. K-Designers on the Find entry block.

Unfortunately, K-Designers is not a green comapny… yet.  However, this does not mean that they do not currently use green standards for buildings or are in the process of doing so.  Getting certified is a long process and costs $450-$600 for LEED certifications.

However, a small business can start by joining a green cooperative such as Green America’s Green Busines Network.  where membership fees for small business are $85.

Thankfully, there are some budding remodeling agencies that are good for the environment.

One such company which highlights eco-friendly standards is Greenwerks in Chicago.

Most others like it are located indeed, in California and can be found in the CalFinder.


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